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    eCommerce Development

    Let us bring 15 years of experience to your eCommerce development project

    What you can expect:

    At Qualutions we focus on an iterative development cylce that puts our customer at the center of everything we do.  We encourage our clients to frequently provide feedback.

    Discovery and research

    We start every engagement with a detailed discovery to understand what makes your business tick. From there, we present you with a variety of recommendations that align with your business and technology needs.

    eCommerce & User Experience Design

    Our designers create modern interfaces that bring your site’s concept to life. We use imagery, illustrations and animations to increase engagement and inspire conversions.

    Development and Content Migration

    Our team is certified in eCommerce website development and brings your design to life with responsive and custom functionality. From private app development to custom extension development with third-party tools, we help you get the most out of your existing technology stack.

    QA Testing, Optimization and Support

    We incrementally improve your site by running A/B and multivariate tests. We edit calls-to-action and button color to create a cycle of constant optimization – ultimately improving your site’s performance.

    End-To-End customer experience Matters

    With all the team-wide knowledge and expertise we own, we can afford thinking bigger than digital user experience and rather working with your eCommerce businesses towards end-to-end customer experience. Mindful of consumer psychology, we firmly believe that each interaction between your business and your customers’ matters. It is our goal, therefore, to keep on unlocking opportunities for a better experience at each step of a customer journey

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    At Qualutions, we tailor ecommerce development services to all our customer segments – ecommerce startups, companies already established in the market and those going omnichannel. For some, our assistance will mean a powerful business launch with the right technology stack. For others – a possibility to give their business a fresh start by re-platforming successfully or growing into an omnichannel venture.

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