Value Stream Map

Value stream mapping helps you see how materials and information are processed in your business. VSM focuses on something you deliver to a customer, like a product or service. A current state map examines how your business is running today. A future state map is a design that shows how you want your business to run. The challenge is, of course, getting there.

Qualuitons uses value stream maps to help demonstrate how technology can help your business. If your business is more efficient, you save money. Using VSM, we can show you how to be more efficient.

The above map is a simple example showing what happens when a restaurant customer orders toast, eggs and bacon.

To read the map, start in the upper right corner, at the Customer. The box at lower right shows the results:

  • Product Lead Time (PLT): The time spent waiting for a food delivery plus time spent preparing and serving food.
  • Value Added Time (VA/T): Of the total time, how much was spent on things that add value for the customer.
  • Process Cycle Efficiency (PCE): Ratio of value added time to product lead time.